As of December 2022, the six participating programs in the Rosemont Alliance have made retention commitments for a total of 210,962 journal titles.

Total Holdings by Program: BTAA (9,982 holdings; 5% of total), CRL (52,252 holdings; 25% of total), EAST (36,887 holdings; 17% of total), FLARE (43,668 holdings; 21% of total), Scholars Trust (ASERL/WRLC) (31,951 holdings; 15% of total), WEST (36,222 holdings; 17% of total); Grand total = 210,962 holdings

When the Rosemont Shared Print Alliance was formed in 2015, the participating shared print programs had retention commitments for approximately 45,000 journal titles. The Rosemont Alliance set a goal of adding 100,000 New Titles by 2021 and that goal has been met. We define “New Titles” as the first three journal retention commitments of each unique OCLC number, ISSN, or alternative title-level identifier. Expressed in a different way, a title is considered “New” until the Rosemont Alliance reaches three retention commitments for that title.

Collection Growth (November 2022): 210,962 total retention commitments; 187,790 "new" title commitments; 134,996 unique title commitments

Duplication (November 2022): 101,004 titles with 1 copy; 15,190 titles with 2 copies; 18,802 titles with 3 or more copies

All participants benefit from their participation in the Rosemont Shared Print Alliance. Each program participating in the Rosemont Alliance has agreed that all journals they are retaining are also retained on behalf of and available to all the Rosemont Alliance participants.

Contributions and benefits (November 2022): BTAA  9,981 titles contributed, 125,015 titles newly accessible; CRL 52,138 titles contributed, 82,858 titles newly accessible; EAST 25,336 titles contributed, 91,442 titles newly accessible; FLARE 43,554 titles contributed, 91,442 titles newly accessible; Scholars Trust (ASERL/WRLC) 29,222 titles contributed, 105,774 titles newly accessible; WEST 34,231 titles contributed, 100,765 titles newly accessible