Comparison of Collection Analysis Tools

The following matrix compares the functionality of the Collection Comparison Tool with the functionality of GreenGlass for Serials in order to provide libraries that are considering analyzing their print journal collections with information on the different ways each tool might assist them with that process.

The Collection Comparison Tool is a free resource that allows you to upload a list of local records to generate an instant comparison with the PAPR archived titles registry. Some example use cases include: supporting local collection management decisions (e.g. deselection, retention, and transfer to remote storage or special collections), identifying gap-filling opportunities in the collective collection, and surfacing digitization opportunities in select repositories. This tool is available as part of the California Digital Library, Center for Research Libraries & HathiTrust Collaboration for Shared Print Infrastructure and is made possible because of the cumulative efforts of many institutions and organizations.

GreenGlass for Serials is an OCLC web-based collection analytics tool that allows libraries to make decisions about their print collection. GreenGlass provides data for print serials that allows users to make decisions on which titles to deselect, retain, digitize, and transfer to remote storage or special collections, explore and visualize their collection in the context of the collective collection, model deselection and print management scenarios, and generate custom reports and lists to support collection management activities.

This document was last updated June 2021.