Rosemont Operations Committee - August 30, 2017

Rosemont Operations Committee Conference Call

August 30, 2017, 3-4pm EST

On Call:

Big 10 Academic Alliance – Kim Armstrong, Rebecca Crist

FLARE – Ben Walker (Chair)

Scholars Trust – Cheryle Cole-Bennett, John Burger

WEST – Emily Stambaugh, Alison Wohlers

Special Guests from EAST: Susan Stearns, Matthew Revitt, Mei Mendez, Sara Amato

Regrets: Mark Jacobs

Note Takers: Alison Wohlers, Cheryle Cole-Bennett

EAST Presentation and Discussion:

  • Matthew delivers a presentation on EAST’s background and serials/journals work thus far. Slides are attached to these notes.


  • EAST and Rosemont
    • Susan and the EAST team will seek feedback from EAST’s Executive Committee and a consensus vote from EAST members. Potential EAST representatives for the Rosemont governance committees will be identified.
    • The EAST team will add EAST information to Rosemont’s Policies and Procedures Matrix and forward that to Ben.
    • Once Ben has received EAST’s additions to the Policies and Procedures Matrix, the Rosemont Operations Committee will produce a recommendation for the Rosemont Executive Committee.
  • Emails to the address shall go to the Chair and Incoming Chair of the Operations Committee. It shall be the responsibility of the Incoming Chair to respond and/or to share with the Committee as appropriate. 
  • Kim (or Rebecca in her stead), as the Incoming Chair, will plan to present for Rosemont at the PAN meeting during ALA Midwinter in February.
  • Ben updates Executive Committee terms, which will be posted on the Rosemont website.  
  • WEST/FLARE will begin environmental scans to development a Last Copy Agreement/Initiative, as well as a framework for defining new titles and a basis for measuring growth.

Ongoing Discussions:

  • Assigning access principles development.