Participating Libraries

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Consortium OCLC
University of Arkansas WEST AFU AFUSP
National Agriculture Library Scholars Trust AGL
DeSales University EAST ALL
University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa Scholars Trust ALM
Amherst College EAST AMH
Williams College EAST AMH
University of Massachusetts Amherst EAST AUM
University of Arizona WEST AZA AZU AZL AZUSP
Arizona State University WEST AZS AZC AZSSP AZFSP
Boston University EAST BOS
Boston College EAST BXM
California Baptist University WEST CBF
Occidental College Library WEST CCO CCOSP
San Diego State University Library WEST CDS
University of San Diego WEST CDU CDUSP
California State University Fullerton WEST CFI
United States Coast Guard Academy EAST CGA
University of Chicago BTAA CGU
California Institute of Technology (not current member, but remains archive holder) WEST CIT CITSP
California State University Los Angeles WEST CLA
University of California, Los Angeles WEST CLU CLUSP
Mount Saint Mary's University Los Angeles WEST CMM CMMSP
California State University Northridge WEST CNO CSNSP
Colorado State University, Fort Collins WEST COF COFSP
University of Colorado, Health Science Library WEST COU COUSP
Pepperdine University WEST CPE
California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo WEST CPS
Center for Research Libraries CRL CRL
University of California, Riverside WEST CRU CRUSP
San Francisco State University Library WEST CSF
California State University East Bay WEST CSH
San Jose State University WEST CSJ CSJSP
Connecticut College EAST CTL
University of San Francisco WEST CUF
University of California, Irvine WEST CUI CUISP
University of California, San Francisco WEST CUN CUNSP
University of Redlands WEST CUR
University of California, San Diego WEST CUS CUSSP
University of California, Santa Barbara WEST CUT CUTSP
University of California, Davis WEST CUV CUVSP CUX CUXSP
University of California, Berkeley WEST CUY CUYSP
University of California, Santa Cruz WEST CUZ CUZSP
Catholic University of America Scholars Trust DCU
University of the District of Columbia Scholars Trust DDU
Georgetown University Scholars Trust DGU
George Washington University Scholars Trust DGW
Howard University Scholars Trust DHU
University of Denver, University Library WEST DVP DVPSP
American University Scholars Trust EAU
Michigan State University BTAA EEM
Washington State University, Tri-Cities WEST EI1 EISSP
Emory University, Woodruff Library Scholars Trust EMU
East Carolina University Scholars Trust ERE
Wake Forest University Scholars Trust EWF
University of Michigan BTAA EYM
Fairfield University EAST FAU
Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University FLARE FCM FAMLW
Florida State University Scholars Trust FDA
Florida State University FLARE FDA FSL
Florida Gulf Coast University FLARE FGA
Florida Atlantic University FLARE FGM
New College of Florida FLARE FHC
University of South Florida FLARE FHM FTS FHS
Florida Polytechnic University FLARE FLFPU
University of North Florida FLARE FNP
University of Miami, Richter Library Scholars Trust FQG
University of Miami FLARE FQG FQR FML FQM
University of Central Florida FLARE FTU
University of Florida Scholars Trust FUG
University of Florida FLARE FUG FUB
University of West Florida FLARE FWA
Florida International University FLARE FXG FXN FIUCL FLFIU
Georgia Institute of Technology Scholars Trust GAT
Saint Mary's College Library WEST GH0
Gallaudet University Scholars Trust GQG
Georgia State University Scholars Trust GSU
University of Georgia Scholars Trust GUA
University of Wisconsin BTAA GZM
The Claremont Colleges WEST HDC HDCSP CST
University of California WEST HH0
University of Hawaii at Manoa Library (not current member, but remains archive holder) WEST HUH HUHSP
The Huntington Library WEST HUV HUVSP
Austin College WEST IAU
Northwestern University BTAA INU
Purdue University BTAA IPL
University of New Mexico (not current member, but remains archive holder) WEST IQU IQUSP
Indiana University BTAA IUL
Iowa State University WEST IWA IWASP
Baylor University WEST IYU
Johns Hopkins University Scholars Trust JHE
Getty Research Institute WEST JPG JPGSP
Kansas State University WEST KKS KKSSP
University of Kansas WEST KKU KKUSP KKUFP KFS
University of Louisville, Eckstrom Library Scholars Trust KLG
University of Kentucky Scholars Trust KUK
Lafayette College EAST LAF
University of Nebraska-Lincoln BTAA LDL
Loyola Marymount University Library WEST LML LMLSP
Loyola Notre Dame EAST LOY
Tulane University Scholars Trust LRU
Louisiana State University Scholars Trust LUU
Five Colleges, Incorporated EAST MAFCI
Brandeis University EAST MBB
Samuel Merritt University WEST MEC
University of California, Merced WEST MERUC
Mississippi State University Scholars Trust MFM
Marymount University Scholars Trust MMV
University of Minnesota BTAA MNU
Mount Holyoke College EAST MTH
University of Mississippi Scholars Trust MUM
University of Missouri, Columbia WEST MUU MUUSP MUDSP MMU
Duke University Scholars Trust NDD
University of North Carolina, Greensboro Scholars Trust NGU
Rutgers University-New Brunswick BTAA NJR
Elms College EAST NKF
University of North Carolina, Charlotte Scholars Trust NKM
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Scholars Trust NOC
North Carolina State University Scholars Trust NRC
University of Idaho Library WEST NTD ZXQ NTDSP
Washington State University, Pullman WEST NTE NTESP
University of Iowa BTAA NUI
institution program oclc
Oregon Health & Science University (not current member, but remains archive holder) WEST OHS OHSUS
Oklahoma State University Library WEST OKS
University of Oklahoma WEST OKU OKUSP
Reed College Library WEST ORC
Oregon State University Corvallis WEST ORE ORESP
University of Oregon Library WEST ORU ORUSP
Portland State University Library WEST ORZ
Ohio State University BTAA OSU
Willamette University (not current member, but remains archive holder) WEST OWT OWS OWSSP
Seattle Pacific University Library WEST OXF OXFSP
University of Pittsburgh EAST PIT
Palo Alto University WEST PPI
Swarthmore College EAST PSC
University of Rochester EAST RRR
Stanford University Libraries WEST S7Z STFSP SL3SP CASUM HIN STF RCJ
Clemson University Scholars Trust SEA
Smith College EAST SNN
University of South Carolina, Cooper Library Scholars Trust SUC
Syracuse University EAST SYB
Vanderbilt University Scholars Trust TJC
University of Tennessee Scholars Trust TKN
University of Memphis Scholars Trust TMA
University of the South EAST TWU
Trinity College EAST TYC
Brigham Young University (not current member, but remains archive holder) WEST UBY UBYSP
University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign BTAA UIU
University of Maryland-College Park BTAA UMC
University of Nevada Las Vegas WEST UNL UNLSP
Pennsylvania State University BTAA UPM
Utah State University WEST UUS
University of Virginia Scholars Trust VA@
George Mason University Scholars Trust VGM
Siena College EAST VKM
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Scholars Trust VPI
Virginia Commonwealth University Scholars Trust VRC
Bard College EAST VVP
College of William and Mary Scholars Trust VWM
Vassar College EAST VXW
University of Washington WEST WAU WAUSP
University of Massachusetts Medical School EAST WQM
Washington State University, Vancouver WEST WS2 WS2SP
Washington State University, Spokane WEST WS7 WS7SP
University of Wyoming Library WEST WYU WYUSP
Hamilton College EAST YHM
University of California, NRLF WEST ZAP ZAPSP
University of California, SRLF WEST ZAS ZASSP
Hofstra University EAST ZIH
Union College EAST ZWU
New York University EAST ZYU YPI