Rosemont Planning Committee Meeting Notes - June 24, 2017


  • Big 10 Academic Alliance – Kim Armstrong, Rebecca Crist, Carolyn Walters
  • FLARE – Ben Walker (Chair), Tabby Pursley, Judy Russell
  • Scholars Trust – Mark Jacobs, John Burger, Cheryle Cole-Bennett (joining from the phone), Millie Jackson, Bonnie McEwan
  • WEST – Alison Wohlers, Emily Stambaugh, Brian Schottlaender, Jay Starratt, Beth McNeil

Note Taker: Alison Wohlers


Meeting Details:

Date/Time: 6/24/2017, 9 AM – 10:30 AM (CST) - ALA Annual
Location: University Club of Chicago, Princeton Room
Call-in access provided
Continental breakfast provided

  1. Discuss and ratify the Governance document

    1. Deadline for submitting committee representatives--2 weeks

  2. Review the Rosemont web site ( additional documents to be added?

  3. CRL Update

    1. John, Mimi and Judy to draft response, flip the script

  4. Roadmap: Implementation

    1. ILL: stating our current agreements/overlap, creating map between programs, BTAA willing to address internal policy around local use only
    2. access principles--5 bullet points (loan period, print loans, etc)
    3. last copy initiative
  5. SCS meeting prep: 6/24, 3:30 – 5 (CT) at Hyatt Regency McCormick Place – Grant Park D Room: 2233 S. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, Chicago, 60616 (

    1. Product concepts
    2. OCLC EMT feedback
    3. Organizing more regular Rosemont-SCS engagement: partnership or service? Scope and timeline?
    4. Update on Rosemont governance and membership, next items on our RoadMap        

        Hathi Trust written memo to OCLC (Mary Sauer-Games),

we don’t want to be charged to upload holding records for catalog records we have already paid for; needs to be part of the message today (if they don’t come back with the message that they are able to meet our requests from last meeting); OCLC doesn’t charge to register journal holdings, historically charged for shared print symbol but dropped that one year ago (barrier for some ASERL, WEST, others?);

  1. Additional topics?

  2. Next phone meeting


  • For the governance document: Concerning the Executive Committee, “Assistant Chair” is changed to “Staff to the Committee”. This individual will serve as Chair of the Operations Committee.
  • Governance document is ratified and representatives may now be chosen.
    • Each program chooses their own representatives (one representative for every 25 libraries in their program).
    • Timeline: Two Weeks – Names go to program coordinators and then to Ben Walker who will post them to the Rosemont Website.
  • CRL: Judy Russell, John Culshaw, and Mimi Calter will engage with CRL on their substantive questions and frame questions to clarify how CRL can support Rosemont.
    • The operations committee will assist in gathering data needed to respond to CRL’s questions.
  • SCS/OCLC: Rosemont representatives will have a conversation with SCS on June 24th, see what they have developed, and bring that information back to the Rosemont committees.

Ongoing Discussion Points:

  • Statement of Access Principles
  • Last Copy Policy/Broader Initiative

Next Meeting:

After the establishment of the Executive Committee; within the next month or so.