Rosemont Planning Committee Meeting Notes - June 12, 2017

Rosemont Planning Committee Conference Call

June 12, 2017, 3-4pm EST

On Call:

Big 10 Academic Alliance – Kim Armstrong, Rebecca Crist

FLARE – Ben Walker (Chair)

Scholars Trust – Mark Jacobs, John Burger, Cheryle Cole-Bennett

WEST – Alison Wohlers, Emily Stambaugh

Note Takers: Cheryle Cole-Bennet and Alison Wohlers


  • Committee meeting minutes will be posted to the Rosemont website on a regular basis.
    • Alison will take meeting minutes with Cheryle as back-up.
    • Mark will confirm process for uploading documents to the Rosemont website.
    • Notes should be concise. Notes will reflect decision/action items and voting outcomes. When presenting voting items, group should review and approve prior to posting.
  • Rosemont Operations Committee will meet at ALA on Saturday, June 24th, 2017 from 9:00-10:30am in the Princeton Room at the University Club of Chicago.
    • Invitations will follow precedent set in previous meetings as the governing structure has not been ratified. Mix of deans and program staff.
  • Ben reports on a call that members had with Bernie/CRL to talk about possible areas of collaboration/challenges – Ben will distribute those notes via email to the group.
  • Changes to the governance document:
    • “Co-chair” will be changed to “assistant chair.”
    • Switch the document to letterhead.
    • Ben will make the above changes and distribute to the group for discussion at ALA.
  • Ben will set up meetings (every two weeks) to address foundational issues with the project roadmap (defining our terms and recommendations for how to accomplish listed tasks).
    • Emily volunteers to help draft the last copy initiative.
  • Rosemont will meet with SCS on June 24th, 3:30–5pm at Hyatt Conference Center. Topics for this meeting:
    • General updates from both groups. From OCLC – what is their development timeline and cost model? What do they need from Rosemont?
    • OCLC Executive Management Team feedback to SCS.
    • More regular SCS/Rosemont interaction?
  • Listserv management: develop the lists once the governance structure has been established and committee structure has been approved.
    • There will be two rosters: operations committee and executive committee.
    • WLRC will manage the lists.
  • Ben will prepare a draft Rosemont report for PAN.