Rosemont Operations Committee - November 1, 2017

Rosemont Operations Committee Conference Call

November 1, 2017, 3-4pm EST

On Call:

Big 10 Academic Alliance – Rebecca Crist

FLARE – Ben Walker (Chair), Tabby Pursley

Scholars Trust – Cheryle Cole-Bennett, John Burger, Mark Jacobs, Lars Meyer

WEST – Emily Stambaugh, Alison Wohlers

Regrets: Kim Armstrong

Note Takers: Alison Wohlers, Cheryle Cole-Bennett

Discussions and Decisions

  1. November 3rd Agenda Planning
    1. SCS: Matt Barnes will be giving an update (update and any discussion scheduled for one hour).
    2. EAST: Matthew Revitt and possibly another representative of EAST will be calling in during the meeting. Matthew will present some information about EAST’s membership and what they are trying to accomplish.
      1. Decision: The Rosemont Operations Committee will submit a recommendation to the Executive Committee concerning EAST’s participation in Rosemont; the Policy and Procedures Matrix, amended to include EAST’s information, will accompany that recommendation.
      2. Decision: The Access Principles draft will be sent to EAST.
    3. Decision: How the Operations Committee requests resources/support from the Executive Committee and the transition of Ops Chair from Ben Walker to Kim Armstrong will be added to the agenda.
    4. Decision: Program updates will be 2-4 minutes, include basic program information and some notes of how the program is thinking about engaging with Rosemont activities; slides will be sent to Ben by Thursday morning.
    5. Decision: The Operations Committee reaches consensus that the amended Access Principles and Last Copy Agreement drafts are ready to be presented to the Executive Committee during the in-person meeting.
    6. The Operations Committee reviews the Roadmap and discusses priorities for the next three months. Four emerge as potential points for focus and discussion with the Executive Committee:
      1. Developing communication between the Executive Committee and OCLC to clarify directions on journal analytics capabilities.
      2. Criteria and process for admitting new shared print program partners.
      3. Moving the Last Copy Agreement and Access Principles forward in the decision-making process (if approved by Executive, bring back to program communities, return to Executive for ratification).
      4. Defining new titles and basis for measuring growth and defining additional copies and basis for measuring growth in number of copies. Address whether dual commitments.
  2. Decision: CIC will be changed to BTAA in the Policies and Procedures Matrix.