Rosemont Operations Committee - March 15, 2018

Rosemont Operations Committee Conference Call

March 15, 2018, 3-4pm EST

On Call:

Big 10 Academic Alliance – Kim Armstrong (Chair), Rebecca Crist

FLARE – Tabby Pursley

Scholars Trust – Mark Jacobs, John Burger, Cheryle Cole-Bennett

WEST – Ivy Anderson, Alison Wohlers

EAST – Susan Stearns, Mei Mendez, Sara Amato, Matthew Revitt

Guests – Matt Barnes (SCS), Amy Wood (CRL)

Regrets: Ben Walker

Note Taker: Alison Wohlers

Grant Proposal Presentation and Discussion (Matt Barnes and Amy Wood)

  • Matt and Amy reviewed an OCLC-SCS/CRL grant proposal to enhance infrastructure for shared print in OCLC and PAPR.  

Rosemont set-up in PAPR (Amy Wood)

  • Amy presented two options for exposing Rosemont materials in PAPR: (1) add a note to each existing program’s description page indicating the program’s participation in Rosemont; or (2) treat Rosemont like a program. Create a program description page for Rosemont; add program name to appropriate record field; and make a unified title list available.
  • Action: Rosemont Ops will discuss the two options presented by Amy further during the next meeting.

Other agenda items are deferred to the next meeting:

  • Roadmap Review (Cheryle)
  • Fall Meeting