Rosemont Operations Committee - January 18, 2018

Rosemont Operations Committee Conference Call

January 18, 2018, 3-4pm EST

On Call:

BTAA – Rebecca Crist

FLARE – Ben Walker, Tabby Pursley

Scholars Trust – Mark Jacobs, Cheryle Cole-Bennett

WEST – Ivy Anderson, Alison Wohlers

EAST – Susan Stearns, Matthew Revitt

Regrets: Kim Armstrong, Lars Meyer, Sara Amato, Mei Mendez

Note Taker: Rebecca Crist

Discussions and Decisions

  1. Webinar
    1. Rosemont Ops discussed logistical details for the January 25 Q&A session and what follow-up questions should be sent to SCS for clarification in advance of the session.
    2. Actions: Rebecca and Alison will compile the questions for SCS and slides to further address questions raised during the January 17 webinar. Cheryle will look into compiling live poll results from the webinar into summaries.
  2. Q&A Session
    1. Decision: A link for the recording of the January 17 webinar should be distributed. Attendees for the 25th Q&A session should be encouraged to view the webinar beforehand.
  3. Survey
    1. Seeking single institutional response from a person with knowledge of budget and authority to answer.
    2. Each program will send link to its members.
    3. Deadline Friday, Feb. 2 (UPDATE: Deadline February 16)
    4. Action: Tabby will distribute a PDF of the survey for the programs to send with the link.
    5. Rosemont Ops discusses some minor changes to the text of the questions and finalizes the survey.
  4. In-Person Meeting at Midwinter
    1. Draft Agenda:
      1. Welcome EAST
      2. SCS Proposal and feedback (survey may be too recent to have final results)
      3. Access Principles