Rosemont Operations Committee - February 5, 2018

Rosemont Operations Committee Conference Call

February 5, 2018, 4-5pm EST

On Call:

Big 10 Academic Alliance – Kim Armstrong (Chair), Rebecca Crist

FLARE – Ben Walker, Tabby Pursley

Scholars Trust – Mark Jacobs, Lars Meyer, John Burger, Cheryle Cole-Bennett

WEST – Ivy Anderson, Alison Wohlers

EAST – Susan Stearns, Mei Mendez, Sara Amato


Note Taker: Alison Wohlers

Discussions and Decisions

  1. Access Principles
    1. Rosemont Ops reviews feedback from the regional programs and endorses proposed changes.
    2. Action: Ivy, Susan, and Alison will implement the proposed changes and recirculate the principles to Ops before Midwinter.
  2. Kim hopes to send Midwinter agenda on Wednesday (12PM EST) with attachments – a new version of the Access Principles will be forthcoming if it is not complete in time
    1. Executive Committee Agenda
      1. EAST
      2. Access Principles
      3. Road Map – update
      4. Fall meeting check-in
      5. SCS/CRL development work for shared print
  3. Survey: Ben and Tabby can run the reports up to date and distribute before the Midwinter meeting
    1. Action: Ben and Tabby will send the reports on Wednesday morning to go out with the meeting materials.
  4. Administrative Decisions:
    1. Alison will continue as note-taker.
    2. Mei/EAST will set up GoToMeeting for the ongoing Operational Committee meetings.
    3. EAST will review the Rosemont shared documents folder in collaboration with Cheryle to reorganize materials.