Rosemont Operations Committee - April 26, 2018

Rosemont Operations Committee Conference Call

April 26, 2018, 3-4pm EST

On Call:

Big 10 Academic Alliance – Rebecca Crist

FLARE – Tabby Pursley, Ben Walker

Scholars Trust – Mark Jacobs, Cheryle Cole-Bennett

WEST – Ivy Anderson, Alison Wohlers

EAST – Matthew Revitt, Susan Stearns

Regrets: Kim Armstrong (Chair), John Burger, Sara Amato, Mei Mendez

Note Taker: Alison Wohlers


  • Access Principles
  • Title Overlap Data
  • Reporting out to Executive Committee
    • DSS summary
    • Rosemont meeting at ALA
  • ALA: Saturday, June 23, 8-10 am
  • Discuss Roadmap


Access Principles – status check

  • Scholars Trust, FLARE, and WEST have approved the Access Principles. EAST’s Executive Committee reviewed the Principles and recommended they also be reviewed by EAST’s Serials & Journals Working Group. BTAA’s Shared Print Steering Committee has reviewed the Principles and approved them; BTAA’s full Executive Committee will review the Principles next month (May).

Title Overlap Data

  • Confirmed that over the lifetime of the 4 programs we have gathered about 46,000 OCLC numbers.
    • Titles held by 1: 31,630
    • Titles held by 2: 7,726
    • Titles held by 3: 4,387
    • Titles held by 4: 1,980
    • Total number of titles by OCLC: 45,729
  • Action: In anticipation of the ALA Meeting in NOLA, Rosemont regional programs will contribute information to a shared google doc outlining:
    • How each program selects content and/or what analysis plans are in progress
    • Anticipated activities and quantities for the next year or two (as is possible to project)

Reporting Out to Rosemont Exec

  • Decisions: Rosemont Ops agrees that the meeting at ALA Annual would be best spent as Ops working time to prepare materials for Exec’s review during the fall meeting. Therefore, updates should be sent to Exec in advance of ALA Annual including:
    • DSS survey summary
    • Meeting at ALA: report on plans for Rosemont Operations Committee to meet in a working capacity; no material or decisions prepared at this time for Exec

Items for Rosemont Ops to consider during ALA Annual working meeting

  • Overall Rosemont communications to regional programs – reporting out
  • Program archiving plans and potential to contribute over the next few years & title overlap analysis
  • Roadmap discussion
  • Consideration of Rosemont decision-making
    • Understanding the time required for approval – regional program governance group calendars
    • Evaluating the goals in the roadmap as likely to require more or less time for development and vetting
    • Identifying push-points in the process
  • Revisiting the question of Rosemont and new members