Rosemont Executive Committee: In-person Meeting - November 3, 2017

Rosemont In-person Meeting: Executive Committee 

Operations Committee Attending

November 3, 2017, 9am-2pm

Location: BTAA Conference Center


BTAA – John Culshaw, Kim Armstrong, Rebecca Crist

FLARE – Judy Russell, Ben Walker, Tabby Pursley

Scholar’s Trust – Bonnie MacEwan, Geneva Henry, John Burger, Mark Jacobs, Lars Meyer, Cheryle Cole-Bennett

WEST – Mimi Calter, Jay Starratt, Beth McNeil, Ivy Anderson, Emily Stambaugh (remotely), Alison Wohlers

Additional Guests:

SCS – Matt Barnes

EAST – Susan Stearns, Matthew Revitt

Ground Rules and Common Understanding:

  • Decisions determined by consensus: “being at peace with the matter”
  • “All in” vs “opt-in” decisions – ExecCo determines which decisions constitute each
  • Each program has one vote 
  • Decisions made at this meeting are not binding until representatives have the opportunity to discuss with program executive boards
  • Timeline for final decisions by programs: 3 months after meeting, after which decisions are returned to ExecCo for ratification

Program Updates:

  • Rosemont Shared Print Alliance: The Alliance has made progress on developing Access Principles, a Last Copy Agreement, and setting up communication/website infrastructure.
  • BTAA: Will wrap up 250,000 volumes archived at Indiana University by the end of the year. They have already begun collections analysis, identifying some 2,600 titles for the next phase of archiving activity to be held at University of Illinois.
  • FLARE: BTAA has signed the MOU for JRNL, which FLARE administers. FLARE continues to build their shared print archive based on membership needs and through their last copy policy.
  • Scholar’s Trust: Has reached 36,324 retention commitments among its 40 participating institutions. Subject-focused collections (agricultures, architecture) have stalled. ST is looking into what data points would be available through a CRL analysis. WRLC shared facility shared print is specifically based on the trigger of a second copy being submitted for storage. This means that there is a portion of material that has only been submitted once, which has not yet been retained as shared print.
  • WEST: Anticipates reaching 650,000 volumes by the end of summer, 2018. WEST is about to enter into its next phase of collections analysis to fuel commitments for the next two years (cycles 8 and 9). WEST has been engaging its membership and governance groups in discussions related to Rosemont activities. Emily Stambaugh led two informational webinars about Rosemont open to all WEST members.
  • CRL: While CRL will not be joining Rosemont as a shared print program at this time, the lines of communication between CRL and Rosemont will remain open for the possibility of future collaboration.

SCS Presentation and Update:

  • Matt Barnes joined the meeting in person to update the committees on the development of a business model for the proposed journal analytics tool.
  • Rosemont Operations Committee will take initial figures back to their constituents for discussion.

Discussions and Decisions:

  • EAST: Susan Stearns and Matthew Revitt join the Rosemont committees to present on EAST’s membership, activities, and future directions.
    • Decision: The Rosemont Executive Committee concurs that all programs are at peace with inviting EAST to join the Rosemont Shared Print Alliance. The Operations Committee will draft the appropriate invitation.
  • Rosemont Access Principles: The Operations Committee presents its draft of the Access Principles to the Executive Committee and receives their feedback.
    • Decision: “Upon request” will be added to principle #5 and the Executive Committee declares it is “at peace” with the Access Principles. The Operations Committee will take the next three months to engage with program constituents after which the Principles will be returned to the Executive Committee for final ratification.
  • Rosemont Last Copy Agreement: The Operations Committee presents its draft of the Last Copy Agreement to the Executive Committee and receives their feedback and questions.
    • Decision: The Last Copy Agreement will undergo another round of vetting in the Operations Committee to address: (1) specificity regarding the statement about statistics; (2) further consideration of scope and implication of holdings; (3) language: member vs. participant.
  • Rosemont Roadmap: Ben Walker presents several areas in which the Rosemont Operations Committee could focus its energy.
    • Decisions: The Operations Committee will focus its energy on –
      • Criteria and process for onboarding new programs
      • Take Access Principles back to communities
      • Define titles/duplicates and measuring growth
      • OCLC/SCS ongoing communications
        • Minimum viable product
        • Price point
        • Requirements for registration
  • Other
    • The Committees will meet again in person during ALA Midwinter in February
    • In 2018, leadership of the Operations Committee will shift from Ben Walker (FLARE) to Kim Armstrong (BTAA)
    • Ongoing discussion: Additional transitions in leadership/representation in the committees.