Rosemont Executive and Operations Committees: ALA Midwinter, February 10, 2018

Rosemont ALA Midwinter 2018: Executive and Operations Committees

February 10, 8-10am

Location: Magnolia Hotel


BTAA – John Culshaw, Kim Armstrong (Operations Chair), Rebecca Crist

FLARE – Judy Russell, Ben Walker (remotely), Tabby Pursley

Scholar’s Trust – Bruce Hulse, John Burger (remotely), Mark Jacobs (remotely), Cheryle Cole-Bennett

WEST – Jay Starratt (Executive Chair), Beth McNeil, Ivy Anderson, Alison Wohlers

EAST – Peggy Seiden, Susan Stearns

Note-taker: Alison

  • Jay opens the meeting with introductions
  • Welcome to EAST!
  • Update Website
    • WRLC will update the website appropriately to reflect EAST’s participation. Susan has offered to draft a press release.
  • Executive and Operation Committee rosters have been updated with EAST’s representatives. Any corrections from the regional programs should be directed to Kim.
  • Access Principles
    • Ivy introduces the changes made to the Access Principles based on regional program feedback.
      • Principle #1: Adding “Rosemont” to the “archived materials”
      • Principle #2: Removing the explicit mention of a particular system as the “system of record”
      • Principle #8: Changing “will” to “encouraged to” for gathering statistics
    • Action: Seek final approval from the regional program executive committees – send approval confirmation to Kim with links to local access policies. Once approval from all programs has been confirmed – access principles will be posted to the Rosemont website with links to local policies.
      • Ivy also comments that local policies should include reference to the Rosemont principles. Agreed.
  • Roadmap Update: Kim updates the executive committee that Rosemont Operations will be reworking the roadmap and presenting an updated version to Executive during the fall in-person meeting.
  • Fall Meeting
    • Action: Kim and Rebecca will set up a Doodle poll with options for the in person meeting to be distributed to the committees.
  • SCS/OCLC and CRL
    • Decision: Regional programs will communicate to each membership the current status of conversations with SCS/CRL.
  • Survey Results: only preliminary; some discussion of results; final deadline February 16.