Meeting Notes - November 16, 2016


Recommendations for North American Coordination of State/Regional Shared Print Journal Archiving Programs Big Ten Conference Center Rosemont, Illinois

November 16, 2016


On November 16, 2016, four regional shared print journal programs (Big Ten Academic Alliance Shared Print Retention, Scholars Trust, FLARE and WEST) are convened to review the past year’s work and decide upon areas for collaboration, if any. Between Fall 2015 and Fall 2016, a lot of thinking and dialog has occurred to understand and compare regional programs, shared motivations and values, and consider opportunities for cross-regional collaboration. At this meeting, we desire to move from exploration, conversation and ideation to decisions about collective action. Alternatively, we may determine that cross-regional collaboration is not feasible at this time.

Prepared by the Thinking Bigger/ Project Team:

  • Kim Armstrong (Big Ten)
  • John Burger (Scholars Trust)
  • Mark Jacobs (Scholars Trust)
  • Emily Stambaugh (WEST)
  • Benjamin Walker (FLARE)


I. Meeting Purpose, Expected Outcomes, Meeting Approach

II. Recap of Work to Date

III.​ Local Decision-Support Services: Possible Engagement with SCS

IV.​ Group Decision-Support Services: Possible Engagement with AGUA

V. Advancing a Collective Journal Retention Strategy: Retention Milestones & Last Copy Agreement

VI.​ Developing Shared Policies or Guidelines

VII.​ Carrying November 16​ th​ Agreements Forward or Lessons Learned

Please note: the meeting notes/minutes are integrated into the discussion guide.


  • Judy Russell, FLARE, University of Florida
  • Chuck Eckman, FLARE, University of Miami
  • Ben Walker, FLARE, University of Florida
  • Bonnie MacEwan, ASERL, Auburn University
  • Don Gilstrap, ASERL, University of Alabama
  • Lars Meyer, ASERL, Emory University Libraries
  • John Burger, ASERL
  • CheryleCole-Bennett, ASERL
  • Geneva Henry, WRLC, George Washington University
  • Mark Jacobs, WRLC
  • CarolynWalters, Big Ten, Indiana University
  • John Culshaw, Big Ten, University of Iowa
  • Kim Armstrong,Big Ten
  • Rebecca Crist, Big Ten
  • Brian Schottlaender, WEST, UC San Diego
  • Jay Starratt, WEST, Washington State University
  • Marilyn Moody, WEST, Portland State University
  • Emily Stambaugh, WEST
  • Patricia Martin, WEST OCC, CDL development team
  • Danielle Watters Westbrook, WEST collections analyst
  • Matt Barnes, SCS
  • Rick Lugg, SCS

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