Rosemont Operations Committee - August 24, 2017

Rosemont Operations Committee Conference Call

August 24, 2017, 3-4pm EST

On Call:

Big 10 Academic Alliance – Kim Armstrong, Rebecca Crist

FLARE – Ben Walker (Chair)

Scholars Trust – Mark Jacobs, Cheryle Cole-Bennett

WEST – Alison Wohlers, Emily Stambaugh

Regrets: John Burger

Note Takers: Alison Wohlers


  • Skip Prichard of OCLC has released an announcement about OCLC’s vision for supporting the collective collection and shared print services. For more information please watch this video.


  • Rosemont Listservs
    • Naming convention shall be: and
    • All executive and operations contacts will be included in the Executive Committee listserv. Only operations contacts will be included in the Operations Committee listserv.
  • Committee Structure: Terms
    • Program officers will confirm executive member terms and send to Ben by Monday 8/28.
    • Ben will coordinate the terms to ensure that terms are staggered appropriately and send out an email announcing the committee members and terms.
  • Recommendation for Rosemont Meeting with CRL
    • Any additional feedback from operations committee members should be sent to Ben by Friday 8/25.  
    • Ben will forward the recommendation to Judy Russell, John Culshaw, and Mimi Calter.
  • EAST and Rosemont
    • Susan Stearns and Matthew Revitt of EAST will attend the Rosemont Operations Committee conference call on Wednesday 8/30.
    • Ben will send Susan and Matt Rosemont’s Strategic Directions, which will act as a starting point for Q&A.

Ongoing Discussions:

  • SCS and Rosemont
    • Operations Committee to discuss SCS slides in detail.
    • Once regular meetings are established, Matt Barnes will be invited to speak with the Operations Committee.
  • Process for bringing in new partners to the Rosemont Shared Print Alliance